Solar for Business Owners = How to get Free Electricity

ToddJones2This could be the roof of your business. While the residential solar market is expanding quickly in Jacksonville many business owners are unaware of what a great, guaranteed, investment solar is when they own their own building.

solar panels business American Solar

Pay for it like an Electric Bill

Like residential customers if you install solar for a commercial property that’s owner operated you can finance the equipment without ever having to pay a deposit. With financing you will be able to pay a monthly solar payment equivalent to the electric savings you gain from your solar array. In this way you are able to redirect your monthly electric expense for your business into a monthly investment in your commercial property.

A1A Ale Work cheap solar for business American Solar JacksonvilleThere are also more tax credits for commercial solar projects than there are for residential projects. Like residential solar owners, commercial solar installs allow you to claim a 30% tax credit off your Federal Income Liability for your business. But the government also allows MACRS accelerated depreciation on you solar array. This means you can often claim tax credits worth the total cost of your solar investment over a 5-year period.

Yes you can break even on a commercial solar investment in as little as five years without having ever made a deposit and by making monthly payments that are similar to your current electric bills.

You will spend more Not Going Solar

Solar panels also come with a power output warranty for 25-years. This means that even after you break even on your investment you will continue to gain money, like an annuity, through energy savings, guaranteed, for the rest of the time you own your business.

The value of your energy savings will increase according to the inflation on electricity which historically has been 3% per year. If you save an average of $1,474 per month with your solar install that means that you will save more than $600,000 under your warranty period.

Solar is a guaranteed investment that uses money you already pay each month in electric bills to install. If you own your own commercial property and use electric bills. I highly recommend you get a quote on a solar array to reduce your electric use. Please call Will Richards at 904 704 1578.

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Angie’s List PSA – 16 Months Left Before Solar Tax Credit Expires

Angie’s List has come out with a new PSA warning people about the solar tax credit about to expire in 2016. This is a federal income tax credit which reduces the cost of solar by 30%.

The reality of solar today is that it is cheaper than choosing to continue drawing your electricity exclusively from JEA. If you are planning on living in your home more than three years you should install solar panels as the equipment cost will not be as low as it currently is for a long time to come once government incentives expire.

FACT – You can now install a solar array with for no out-of-pocket cost. 2.99% financing on our solar installs allows you to begin paying a monthly solar bill while at the same time reducing your current electric bill by 85% or more.

solar panels middleburg floridaThat is exactly what our 700 + customers in Jacksonville have already realized. There is no real cost to solar, either to install arrays like these or to pay for them on a monthly basis. Our financing allows you to abandon the money you would have dedicated to JEA to instead harvest electricity from sunlight. For choosing to install solar you gain a major Federal Income Tax Credit, Increased Property Value and Free Electricity for the next 25 years.

A1A Solar Amelia Island FloridaPlease call 904 704 1578 to schedule a free consultation to find out what your solar potential is. Do not miss this no-cost opportunity to gain a renewable energy asset of immense value for your home. Solar Federal Income Tax Credits expire December 30, 2016!

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Solar for $30 per Month

solar financing jacksonville

With 2.99% Financing and a good south facing roof solar now costs as little as $30 per month against what you now pay the electric company. Solar seems to be the clear winner versus the electric company for 2015, but only before a major Federal Tax Credit Solar owners will qualify for, expires at the end of next year.

hybrid solar water heater Jacksonville A1A SolarHome owners can now eliminate as much as $226 of their monthly bill for a solar payment of $266. $30 per month to own solar. Yes. Solar can be installed for no initial expense. You can simply complete a solar installation, stop paying the electric company, and transition to a solar payment.

How You Win with Solar Power

But a solar payment is slightly higher you say, how do I benefit from the transition? By switching to solar you gain a Federal Income Tax Credit, typically worth $10,000. The ability to claim this tax credit will expire in 2016. Also you will add property value to your home worth $10,000 to $15,000 in the Jacksonville area.

Doesn’t it make sense to switch to solar for $30 per month to avoid ever paying increases in your electric bill from your electric company, gaining a $10,000 tax credit and adding property value to your home? Please call to make the change to clean renewable power before your tax incentives expire. 904 704 1578

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Happy July 4th

jacksonville beach A1A SolarJuly 4th of course comes with special significance to all of us. There is no country that offers more advantages for starting a business enterprise dedicated to serving its people.

A1A Solar middleburgConsidering that this country offers freedom of speech, freedom of deed and freedoms of property scarcely matched by any other, it is with a spirit of thanksgiving that we appreciate the people we are privileged to serve in Jacksonville and the country that makes this service possible.

best jacksonville solar installer A1A SolarPersonally I am honored to play a small part in shaping our country’s energy future. I am grateful for the fertile ground of free enterprise America offers that allows us to so freely offer useful service to our fellow citizens. God bless America.

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Solar Window Closing for Tax Credit and Low Interest Rates

solar panels and st. johns floridaBy the end of 2015 we will come to the end of a great time for installing solar panels for your home. We now have a 12-year 2.99% financing. This is a signature only loan that allows you to install solar panels for no up-front cost and gives you a monthly payment that is the same or less than what you currently pay JEA for your electricity.

A1A Solar panels and north side jacksonville floridaBy the end of 2015 interest rates should be going up so our monthly solar payment will not look as good compared to your current electric bill. Currently we are able to replace your electric bill for a solar payment at essentially the same cost.

A1A Solar and St. Johns Florida JacksonvilleCombine the fact that interest rates are about to go up with the fact that the government’s $10,000 tax credit for installing solar panels will expire in 2016 and you can see why this year is the best year to install solar panels for your home.

first solar array installed in St. Augustine FloridaInstalling solar panels is not a money decision, since you are simply replacing one bill for another. Installing solar panels is simply a question of getting more value for the money you will spend anyway by paying your monthly electric bill. Solar is financed with a signature only loan. It is significantly cheaper than what you will pay over time with your electric company and your asset in solar will provide you with a $10,000 tax credit as well as added property value.

Get a Free Quote on Solar Panels before prices Increase

Increased home value from solar panels amounts to $10,000 to $15,000 in added home value. Solar panels require virtually no maintenance and come with a 25-year power output warranty. Are you ready to go green? Call 904 704 1578 for a free quote.

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19 Months Left for You to Claim Solar Tax Credit

A1A Solar JackosnvilleIn the three years I’ve been installing solar panels for my clients I have always been able to offer a Federal Income Tax Credit, usually worth $10,000 for any customer who chooses to install solar panels.

In 2016 Your Solar Tax Credit Will Expire

Unfortunately the Federal Income Tax Credit, a major incentive to go solar, is expiring in 2016. You just have 19 months before the price of solar panels will increase and the excellent business offer we can now give to our customers will not be as attractive.

Jacksonville solar panels A1A SolarCurrently anyone who chooses to get solar panels pays nothing upfront for the installation and gains the Federal Tax Credit. Before 2016 the savings produced by solar will be equivalent to what our clients pay with our 12-year 2.99 financing. We expect a rush of last-minute installs as client’s aim to complete their solar arrays before the tax credit expires.

Solar on roof A1A Solar Jacksonville FL

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What is Owning Solar Like?

So many people I speak to, talk about solar as if it is an additional expense. It is the most difficult part of our job to remind them that owning solar eliminates their electric bill.

There is No Cost

There is no additional cost to own solar. In fact there is no cost at all because we use the same monthly electric savings solar gives you to pay for an install.  Here’s a story written from a customer’s perspective as to what you expect when you “buy” solar. This is based on a recent quote I emailed to a prospective customer.

solar panels argyle forest jacsonvilleThe Experience of Solar

Your experience with solar will be something like this. When you install solar there is no upfront cost if you choose to finance the equipment. The install is completed and from then on your electric bill will essentially be zero.

You now have a solar bill instead.  You see no additional cost, but in the first year you get back a $7,593 tax credit. Great now you have solar panels on the roof using this money.

You proceed to live in the home and every year although your neighbors bills are increasing, your bill is fixed the same as the day you bought it. Great.

When you go to sell someone your home, because you have solar panels installed and their 25-year power output warranty is transferable you will gain an additional $10,000 to $20,000 in resale value. A large profit for the asset you paid for simply by using your ordinary electric budget each month.

JEA power plantNo real cost, amazing return on investment, pollution free electricity, unlike the electric company you already pay.

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