Solar Services now Works with The City of Jacksonville

img_1267Here’s a photo of Solar Services cleaning the Jacksonville City Hall’s Solar Panels. We’re proud to serve the city and proud of how far our company has come since our inception. As part of our award to clean the City’s solar panels Solar Services will be performing cleanings on City Hall and several Fire Stations that have photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity as well as solar thermal panels to generate heat for water at their facilities.

Jacksonville and Solar Panels cleaned by solar services

Cheaper – More Reliable Power with Solar

You can see the grime buildup on these solar panels our company recently cleaned at Fire Station 31 in Jacksonville. As part of our residential solar offerings this year Sunshine State Solar Services will be offering free cleanings for 3 years after a home owner’s solar is installed. Also Solar Services aims to provide cheaper and more reliable electricity than what you now get from your electric company. Our monthly solar bill will provide you the same power as your average electric use but for $10 to $20 cheaper than what you now pay your electric company. Also, standard with each of our systems home owners will receive limited back up power capability for when the grid goes down.

Will Richards Solar Services Solar Panels Jacksonville

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