Reason for Hope – Renewables

IMG_3341NASA data released in February confirmed  there is an ongoing and dramatic surge in our planet’s temperature. Temperatures in the northern hemisphere were 2.76 degrees warmer on average than they were from 1951 to 1980 of the same month. The arctic region was 5.36 degrees warmer than its 1951 to 1980 base line.

It’s likely these areas are the warmest they’ve ever been for the last thousand years.

Link to NASA article:

Doomsday Scenario – The Oceans

This is the scariest real possibility of global warming I can think of. It’s possible that warming water could cause ocean currents to slow. This would stifle oxygen saturation in the oceans which would be devastating to marine life. Ocean bacteria could proliferate in an oxygen depleted scenario. This could make the coastline air around the planet hazardous to human inhabitants. There would be mass displacement of people seeking a more favorable climate region.

Link to Wikipedia article:

Link to oxygen depletion consequences article:

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.58.34 PMIf even a fraction of the consequences of these warming trends NASA has observed are going to come true we must take dramatic and earnest action to avoid this future. If we do not avoid it we will likely not survive it. We got ourselves into this problem because we need electricity, we drive combustion engines, we love cows and we’re cutting down forest that’s responsible for our oxygen.

We can engineer ourselves out of this problem while keeping the things we love.


Solar Electricity – Now

Five million three hundred thirty four thousand kilotons. That’s how much CO2 we can stop putting into the atmosphere if we start getting our power from the sun. We have the technology and it is cheap there is simply no political will to do this. Because no one understands the danger of ignoring the problem.

You can have solar installed today through programs that require no cash outlay. You sign up for funding, receive it and pay a monthly bill on your solar that replaces your electric bill budget. It’s that easy and as you can see it’s basically cost neutral. In fact you will probably pay about $30.00 less on average per month owning solar.

If you want to find out more my number is 904 704 1578. Call me now I’m serious. Getting solar is so easy you would think our politicians would legislate building code to simply require all new construction to install solar. Please write our representatives as I have, to encourage them to introduce this ordinance.

This year we have already seen Germany reach 87% renewable energy utilization for its electric grid. A major milestone in proving that a 100% renewable powered country is possible.

In order to avert global warming you must add solar to power your property. You must switch to driving an electric vehicle as your primary mode of transportation. That’s it. If you made that decision today we as a country would cut our CO2 production by at least half of our five million three hundred thirty four thousand kilotons in 2013.

The United States and China are the top two CO2 emitting countries on the planet. What you do matters.


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