Solar is at last Cheaper than Utility Bills

Latest Solar News for Jacksonville

2016 is the first year that the Florida Solar Home Program can offer home owners cheaper monthly bills to switch to solar than what they currently pay their utility. JEA has apparently noticed this and is moving to change their net metering policy on April 29th 2016.

Net metering is the contract between homeowners and electric companies that allows people who own solar to sell power they generate back to their electric company. Any JEA customers who apply to install solar before April 29th 2016 will be grandfathered in at the current net metering rate. Any JEA customers who install solar after this will only receive half as much value for the kwhs they send to JEA from their solar.

IMG_9790Myself and my fiance are racing to close on our home so that we can install a 20 panel solar array that will eliminate our bill at our new residence before the policy change. If you have any utility other than JEA you are safe. JEA can only make these changes because they are a “public utility.” Private utilities such as FPL, FPUC, Clay Electric, Beaches and Duke must continue to buy power back from solar customers at the true value of a kwh.

How is Solar Now Cheaper than Monthly Electric Bills?

My company has used a combination of government incentives and preferential financing to allow solar home owners to install solar arrays for no out of pocket cost. Simply sign up for solar and use a 12-year 2.99 financing to switch into a monthly payment on solar. I have lowered the price point on solar installs so that you can now finance a complete solar array to offset up to $250 to $300 worth of electricity on a monthly basis for a financing payment that is $20 to $30 less than what you now pay the electric company.

Benefits of Making the Switch to Solar

  1. No Out of Pocket Cost.
  2. Lower Monthly Bill that stays fixed with no inflation.
  3. Increased Property Value : $20,000 according to Forbes Magazine.
  4. Federal Income Tax Credit worth 30% of installation cost.
  5. Power output warranty on solar panels guarantees 80% efficiency at the end of a 25-year period. There is no mechanical maintenance required on solar panels.
  6. Once your solar panels are paid off you own them and you can stop paying a significant monthly expense for power.
  7. Solar reduces air pollution and is good for the environment.

IMG_9792Sunshine State Solar Services LLC and the Solar Home Program

Here is a link to our website. Please contact 904 704 1578 to learn how to qualify for the solar home program. If you are a JEA customer time is running out.

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