Solar for Business Owners = How to get Free Electricity

ToddJones2This could be the roof of your business. While the residential solar market is expanding quickly in Jacksonville many business owners are unaware of what a great, guaranteed, investment solar is when they own their own building.

solar panels business American Solar

Pay for it like an Electric Bill

Like residential customers if you install solar for a commercial property that’s owner operated you can finance the equipment without ever having to pay a deposit. With financing you will be able to pay a monthly solar payment equivalent to the electric savings you gain from your solar array. In this way you are able to redirect your monthly electric expense for your business into a monthly investment in your commercial property.

A1A Ale Work cheap solar for business American Solar JacksonvilleThere are also more tax credits for commercial solar projects than there are for residential projects. Like residential solar owners, commercial solar installs allow you to claim a 30% tax credit off your Federal Income Liability for your business. But the government also allows MACRS accelerated depreciation on you solar array. This means you can often claim tax credits worth the total cost of your solar investment over a 5-year period.

Yes you can break even on a commercial solar investment in as little as five years without having ever made a deposit and by making monthly payments that are similar to your current electric bills.

You will spend more Not Going Solar

Solar panels also come with a power output warranty for 25-years. This means that even after you break even on your investment you will continue to gain money, like an annuity, through energy savings, guaranteed, for the rest of the time you own your business.

The value of your energy savings will increase according to the inflation on electricity which historically has been 3% per year. If you save an average of $1,474 per month with your solar install that means that you will save more than $600,000 under your warranty period.

Solar is a guaranteed investment that uses money you already pay each month in electric bills to install. If you own your own commercial property and use electric bills. I highly recommend you get a quote on a solar array to reduce your electric use. Please call Will Richards at 904 704 1578.

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