Solar for $30 per Month

solar financing jacksonville

With 2.99% Financing and a good south facing roof solar now costs as little as $30 per month against what you now pay the electric company. Solar seems to be the clear winner versus the electric company for 2015, but only before a major Federal Tax Credit Solar owners will qualify for, expires at the end of next year.

hybrid solar water heater Jacksonville A1A SolarHome owners can now eliminate as much as $226 of their monthly bill for a solar payment of $266. $30 per month to own solar. Yes. Solar can be installed for no initial expense. You can simply complete a solar installation, stop paying the electric company, and transition to a solar payment.

How You Win with Solar Power

But a solar payment is slightly higher you say, how do I benefit from the transition? By switching to solar you gain a Federal Income Tax Credit, typically worth $10,000. The ability to claim this tax credit will expire in 2016. Also you will add property value to your home worth $10,000 to $15,000 in the Jacksonville area.

Doesn’t it make sense to switch to solar for $30 per month to avoid ever paying increases in your electric bill from your electric company, gaining a $10,000 tax credit and adding property value to your home? Please call to make the change to clean renewable power before your tax incentives expire. 904 704 1578

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