Solar Window Closing for Tax Credit and Low Interest Rates

solar panels and st. johns floridaBy the end of 2015 we will come to the end of a great time for installing solar panels for your home. We now have a 12-year 2.99% financing. This is a signature only loan that allows you to install solar panels for no up-front cost and gives you a monthly payment that is the same or less than what you currently pay JEA for your electricity.

A1A Solar panels and north side jacksonville floridaBy the end of 2015 interest rates should be going up so our monthly solar payment will not look as good compared to your current electric bill. Currently we are able to replace your electric bill for a solar payment at essentially the same cost.

A1A Solar and St. Johns Florida JacksonvilleCombine the fact that interest rates are about to go up with the fact that the government’s $10,000 tax credit for installing solar panels will expire in 2016 and you can see why this year is the best year to install solar panels for your home.

first solar array installed in St. Augustine FloridaInstalling solar panels is not a money decision, since you are simply replacing one bill for another. Installing solar panels is simply a question of getting more value for the money you will spend anyway by paying your monthly electric bill. Solar is financed with a signature only loan. It is significantly cheaper than what you will pay over time with your electric company and your asset in solar will provide you with a $10,000 tax credit as well as added property value.

Get a Free Quote on Solar Panels before prices Increase

Increased home value from solar panels amounts to $10,000 to $15,000 in added home value. Solar panels require virtually no maintenance and come with a 25-year power output warranty. Are you ready to go green? Call 904 704 1578 for a free quote.

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