What is Owning Solar Like?

So many people I speak to, talk about solar as if it is an additional expense. It is the most difficult part of our job to remind them that owning solar eliminates their electric bill.

There is No Cost

There is no additional cost to own solar. In fact there is no cost at all because we use the same monthly electric savings solar gives you to pay for an install.  Here’s a story written from a customer’s perspective as to what you expect when you “buy” solar. This is based on a recent quote I emailed to a prospective customer.

solar panels argyle forest jacsonvilleThe Experience of Solar

Your experience with solar will be something like this. When you install solar there is no upfront cost if you choose to finance the equipment. The install is completed and from then on your electric bill will essentially be zero.

You now have a solar bill instead.  You see no additional cost, but in the first year you get back a $7,593 tax credit. Great now you have solar panels on the roof using this money.

You proceed to live in the home and every year although your neighbors bills are increasing, your bill is fixed the same as the day you bought it. Great.

When you go to sell someone your home, because you have solar panels installed and their 25-year power output warranty is transferable you will gain an additional $10,000 to $20,000 in resale value. A large profit for the asset you paid for simply by using your ordinary electric budget each month.

JEA power plantNo real cost, amazing return on investment, pollution free electricity, unlike the electric company you already pay.

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