2015 Best Year to Go Solar

greenland chase A1A Solar JacksonvilleSolar is expanding at a rapid pace in Jacksonville due to high demand for solar panels in 2015. Residents in Jacksonville want to make a positive change for our environment which will be devastated if climate change continues at its current rate.

Zero Down-payment Installs

Residents in Jacksonville love the solar business model which requires no money down for residents to install a fully operational solar array at their home. Residents literally use the money they save off their monthly electric bills to pay for their equipment. So solar is truly cost neutral.

green cove springs A1A Solar JacksonvilleSolar companies are financing solar installs at 2.99% allowing residents to replace their existing electric bills with equivalent solar bills. But solar also provides owners with a $10,000 federal income tax credit in most cases and adds more than $10,000 in property value. Breakeven on your investment will be less than 4 years. Why pay more by sticking with coal power from the electric company?

Clean Energy – Replace Your Electric Bill – Sell Power to the Utility!

negative electric bill A1A Solar Jacksonville2016 will be the last year for the solar tax credit that now makes solar revenue neutral. Anticipate a run on solar installs next year, making 2015 the best possible year to go solar. Get a quote and get installed before the late comers realize these incentives are about to expire! 904 704 1578

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