Five Solar installs Every Week & Solar Clothing Launch!

A1A Solar Jacksonville

Five Solar Installs per Week in Jacksonville

Here is a photo of our latest solar install. This is a 7 kilowatt system with a hybrid water heater targeting full electric bill elimination for this client.

Why t0 get Residential Solar

– Sell pollution free electricity back to your electric company

– Get $10,000 to $15,000 in added property value

– Get a $10,000 Tax Credit for going solar

– Use your existing electric budget to pay for solar

You literally spend no money you are not already giving to the electric company to pay for solar. If you plan on being in your home for more than 3 years you should switch to solar electricity.

On Solar Clothing

I am now in the process of starting a Solar Clothing company that will also make solar shade tarps like our tarp at One Spark. If you wish to order a custom made piece of solar clothing that will charge your cell phone (>$100) or get a shade tarp with a 30 watt panel please contact me at 904 704 1578. – Will Richards

solar powered shade tarp

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