One last try at the FPL Solar Rebate – January 21

Jacksonville norh side solar installation A1A SolarHere are photos from our latest install. This system is designed to offset about 950 kwhs in monthly electricity use through a combination of a net metered solar photovoltaic array that produces energy for the home and a hybrid water heater that conserves energy used to heat water. This home also benefits from a NEST thermostat.

photovoltaic inpection plate A1A SolarMany Florida Power and Light customers successfully secured rebates that gave them 75% off their new installs last Wednesday. After we thought it was all over FPL unexpectedly announced they will offer ANOTHER solar rebate NEXT WEDNESDAY January 21.

Solar DC disconnect A1A SolarIf you are an FPL customer. Trust me it does not make sense to miss this. Please give us a call at 904 704 1578 and I can help you secure this major rebate being offered by FPL. You will not be obligated to get solar if we cannot secure your funds. If we can help you get solar I have already helped a client set up a system with this rebate that will save his business as much as $4,000 per year.

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