FPL Solar Rebate! ($32,000) in Incentives Expires Jan 14 2015!

IMG_7136Talk about a holiday bonus. Florida Power and Light announced last week that any one of its customers can now apply for a major rebate. Contact Will Richards at 904 704 1578 to qualify. You will not be obligated to install solar panels unless we can get this rebate for you.

Florida Power and Light Solar Rebate means 75% off Solar Panels

75% off Solar PanelsHere are some photos from our latest install and I will spend the rest of my time talking about this amazing rebate with a short deadline. What this rebate essentially is is a 75% reduction to the cost of our solar arrays for an FPL customer. For Jacksonville that is people in the Fernandina Beach, Callahan and World Golf, St. Augustine area. I wish I could get this rebate my utility is JEA.

NEST learning thermostat and JacksonvilleAnyone who isn’t signing up for this rebate simply doesn’t understand the concept. Bottom line this is free money. It’s free to sign up, our solar panels will eliminate your electric bill. That $2,400 I pay every year? Yes that will be gone. How much will the solar cost per month? $60. What’s my total out of pocket expense? Nothing. For no down payment you get a tax credit worth about $12,000 for going solar. You get $20,000 from FPL. What’s left to pay on solar? Probably $8,000 for our biggest systems. We finance the remainder for a $60 monthly payment. What’s my break even? 3 years. How much will the solar panels save me? $2,400 every year for their 25-year warranty. Am I now paying $60 per month to save $200 per month. YES!

This is real check out the FPL website: http://www.fpl.com/landing/solar_rebate/index.shtml            Then call me if you are an FPL customer: 904 704 1578

This is the last year FPL will do this solar will never be this cheap again. – Will Richards

SMA Inverter with SPS Jacksonville installed by A1A Solar

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