Solar – What it Does

For Eons plants have had the ability to transform sunlight into usable energy. Today we have the technology to replicate this process with solar photovoltaic panels, converting sunshine directly into electricity.

By installing solar panels on your roof you can stop paying your electric bill and start generating your own pollution free power. Solar panels allow you to sell energy back to your utility company, they qualify you for government incentives, add thousands of dollars to your property value and can provide independent electricity for you even when your neighbors have to deal with utility blackouts.

The best part is that you can own solar panels today without a down payment or a significant expense. Solar companies can give you a solar payment for the installation of your equipment. All you have to do is trade your electric bill for a solar bill. When the solar panels are paid off you benefit from free electricity for the next 25 years! That’s right our solar panels come with a 25-year power output warranty! The only maintenance typically required is a yearly cleaning of soap and water. Solar panels have no moving parts! There’s nothing to break.

By taking a look at your roof layout and your electric bill a solar consultant from can determine how many solar panels you will need to produce the same amount of kilowatt hours you typically buy from the electric company. With an in-home evaluation your solar array can be sized and quoted in the same meeting.

Home owner’s associations cannot deny solar construction as part of the Florida Solar Rights Act. Yes you can have solar and yes a monthly solar payment will put much more value under your bottom line than using your monthly electric bill budget to fatten the wallet of your utility company.

Why are your still paying an electric bill? Trade that monthly cost for a solar home improvement that benefits you, your children and our planet.

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