Solar Panels in Green Cove Springs

solar panels and Green Cove Springs FloridaEvery four minutes in the United States a home is converting to solar power. Here is the latest one in Green Cove Springs Florida. This install was a special case because our clients could not take advantage of the federal income tax credit residents receive for installing solar panels.

solar panels and Jacksonville FloridaThese clients are now paying a monthly solar charge of about $200. They have added approximately $28,000 in added value to their home and they have the ability to draw power directly from their solar array even in the event of a utility blackout.

Why should I decide to get Solar Panels in Green Cove Springs?

solar panels installed on Jacksonville roofSince our clients are retired they are on a fixed income and plan on staying in their home for several years. They are wise enough to realize the cost of electricity will increase over that time. By switching to a monthly payment on solar they are trading their ever increasing electric bill for a monthly solar payment. Their new payment is fixed and will never increase. If they decided to pay more money toward their bill during a certain month their monthly payment will only be decreased. When their solar is paid off they will benefit from free electricity for the rest of their lives while their neighbors will still be paying an ever increasing cost on electricity. That’s what we call a “no-brainer.”

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