How much solar can $7,500 Buy?

A1A Solar best solar installer in JacksonvilleMy latest client couldn’t qualify for full financing on his 12-year 2.99% Solar install. He chose to install a partial solar system which will still save him a significant portion off his monthly electric bill, add value to his home and qualify him for a 30% Federal Income Tax Credit.

hybrid water heaters Jacksonville and A1A SolarThis system consists of 4 Solar Electric producing panels and a 50 gallon hybrid water heater. Total average kilowatt hour monthly savings will amount to 409 kilowatt hours, or about $52 in monthly savings and $624 in yearly savings. (Notice the Yellow Energy Sticker on the tank says is uses less than 1,600 kwhs per year. How much does the sticker on your current tank say it uses?)

This client also qualifies for a 30% Tax Credit on their federal income taxes worth $2,250 and they have already increased the value of their home by the cost of the system. At 12 solar panels clients can now have the ability to have 1,500 watts of emergency power even in the event of a utility blackout with an SMA Sunny Boy Inverter.

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