7.2 Kilowatt – Bartram Park

Bartram Creek and Sunworks Solar30 Solar Panels at 240 watts per panel. These panels are German-made Antaris solar panels with a 30-year power output warranty. At 4.4 Sun hours per day in Florida this system should collect 31.68 kilowatt hours per day.

Per month this system should offset 950 kwhs. Per year this system should produce 11,404.8 kwhs. At $0.13 per kilowatt hour with the Jacksonville Electric Authority, this client will save about $1,482 per year.

With financing at 12-years and 2.99 percent and a 30% tax credit for going solar, solar energy is now cheaper than paying your electric bill. This client will pay about $159 per month before their tax credit. By installing their system they qualify for a $9,600 tax credit. When the client applies that money to the financing they will pay about $111 per month. Meanwhile their solar will save them $129 per month!

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