Del Webb’s First Photovoltaic Array

Sunworks Solar array in Del WebbI am fortunate to be the proud installer of Del Webb community’s first solar pool heating system, first solar water heater system and, with this latest install, its first photovoltaic array. This according to the home owner’s association for Del Webb. Even though home owners associations cannot deny solar installation applications by law in Florida we often submits to these governing bodies anyway to follow the standard procedure for vendors in gated communities.

What is the Benefit of Owning Solar?

7 Kilowatt solar array by Sunworks SolarIf you are curious about the benefit your home will receive from a photovoltaic array like the one above, please contact my company and we will be happy to design a custom system for you at the lowest possible cost. This home owner opted to install 30% more solar power on their roof than will likely be necessary to eliminate their electric bill forever.

Solar Costs Less than Your Monthly Electric Bill

electric BMWFor these client’s solar makes plenty of sense. They are retired and will be living in their home for the next 12 years. This is the guaranteed payoff period for our solar arrays even though in reality most systems will probably be paid of in 10 years. Just like the price of gas, the cost of electricity goes up over time. By owning solar these client’s utility costs remain zero for about 924 kilowatts of electricity, while their neighbors cost will double in the next 10-years if prices follow historical trends. Our clients also purchased an electric vehicle which will save them additional thousands on gas.

Reasons Why You Should Install Solar

These clients also benefited from a solar tax credit worth about $7,959. Here is a recap of the benefits of owning solar for these clients in bullet form.

  • Avoided paying $18,190 to the utility co. in the next 12 years.
  • Will get $50,415 in free electricity from their solar array over its 25-year power output warranty period.
  • Solar can be financed for as little as $139 per month when eliminating up to $200 worth of electric bill.
  • Got a tax credit worth $7,959
  • Will get increased marketability and value from their home when selling to future buyers.
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