6 Kilowatt with Solar Cool Air Conditioner – Arlington

low price solar panels Jacksonville FloridaFull electric bill elimination! Woo-hoo another house goes net-zero for dirty energy use and their electric bill. Every solar panel installed counts toward a more sustainable future four our children, but it’s really a source of pride for solar companies when we take an entire house out of the equation for coal power.

This client in Arlington already was very satisfied with work on their solar water heater and attic fans. They had already seen a 25% reduction in the their electric bill and they were looking to go bigger.

Retiring? Best Time to Go Solar

Solar Cool Airconditioner and Solar Air Conditioning Jackosnville Sunowrks SolarOur client knew that they would be in the house for the next decade and on a fixed income so it made sense to invest in solar and limit their exposure to electric bill inflation. What’s more now they will get free electricity for the rest of their solar panel’s 25-year power output warranty.

Sell Power Back to JEA with net-metering

Best Solar Installer in Jacksonville Sunworks Solar

I recommended Solar World 275 watt panels in this instance, with a 4 ton Solar Air Conditioner and a pentair variable speed pool pump. With these installs our client has brought their electric bill to zero and will now be selling power back to JEA. We’ll have more data as we collect it.

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