Radiant Barrier – Positive Independent Consumer Report

We hope you enjoy pictures of our latest radiant barrier install. This client’s attic is now holding at 100 degrees. A reduction of 20 degrees in Summer. He has seen a 30% reduction on total electric consumption.
radiant barrier installed by Sunworks Solar in Jacksonville
It’s all well and good to have us tell you about the benefits of energy saving products like Radiant Barrier. But it’s so refreshing when an independent consumer report is released that backs up what we are saying.

The link below which will tell you everything you need to know about radiant barrier: http://www.energyattic.com/tx/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/radiant-barrier-answers.pdf

Radiant barrier reduces your electric bill by 17%

Radiant Barrier and Solar Attic Fans Lower Electric Bill an average of 25%

In this report energyattic.com confirms that you can count on at least a 17% reduction on your total electric bill when you install radiant barrier. Clients can combine radiant barrier with solar attic fans to boost your savings to 25%.

solar attic fan in Jacksonville installed by Sunworks Solar

We hope you will contact us for more information on Radiant Barrier with Solar Attic Fans, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Air Conditioning and of course Solar Panels for Electricity. Even if you have shading or don’t want to see panels on your roof We can typically reduce your bill by 30% before we ever have to add a panel to your roof.

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