3.78 Kilowatt Solar Array – Jacksonville Beach

sunworks solar installation in Jacksonville beachThis very tastefully designed solar array has just been installed by in the Jacksonville Beach area. My client in this case was very concerned with aesthetics so I completed a design to precisely fit their array to the dimensions of their garage roof.

solar world 270 watt black modules installed by Sunworks SolarThe garage roof is south facing and will generate optimum power output for the 14 solar panels that were installed. This system features Solar World 270 watt black panels. These panels are produced in Oregon.

South is the Best Direction for Solar to Face

This was my first time using Solar World panels and I was very pleased with the experience. Panels arrived at our warehouse within two weeks of us placing our order. These panels are compatible with micro-inverters and the system was installed as a net-metering array that will sell extra power back to the utility company.

Sunworks Solar in Jacksonville Florida

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