New Summer Pools Need Solar Pool Heating

parade of homes with solar in JacksonvilleEven though pools are already warm in summer many people are also having pools built. Summer can be a great time for solar pool heating in that respect. Since solar pool heating will always save you far more money in initial install and operating costs why not install solar pool heating from the beginning instead of a heat pump?

Don’t forget Solar Heat with your New Pool

Our latest client heated his pool to more than 90 degrees on June 30th with his new solar pool heating array. If you are spending thousands of dollars to build a new pool why not shorten the hassle of construction by installing a solar pool heating array with your pool from the beginning?

automated solar pool heat control fruit cove JacksonvilleA solar pool heater extends your swim season to about 10 months by generating an average of 80 degree temperatures in your pool for free year round simply by capturing the heat from the sun. If you’ve spent the money to install a pool wouldn’t it be great to be able to use it by investing another $3,500 to $4,500 to make it comfortable and accessible to you for 83% of the year. 80 degrees 83% of the time. No operating costs – call or refer someone to Sunworks Solar for solar pool heating. Even in summer.

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