Where does our Energy Come From?

strip mining in WyomingHere are some powerful image showing exactly where our coal fired power plants get their electricity from. Have you handled a piece of charcoal recently? It makes a big black mess. Try to wrap your mind around millions of tons of those bricks being burned and pumped into the atmosphere.

trains shipping coalThe earth is much more fragile than most of us can conceive. It’s difficult to imagine that we humans could have such a violent impact on the fragile ecosystem that supports life on this planet. But we are affecting it each day.

blasting for coalNot only are we dumping millions of pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere through cars and power plants, which is trapping more heat on earth and leading to climate change around the world, we are also blasting open mountains and destroying landscapes to get at coal.

coal burning power plantWhy are we going through all this trouble, to the detriment of future generations, when solar energy is available and free for the taking?

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