Sunworks Photovoltaic Water Heaters

best solar water heater installer in JacksonvilleWe are pleased to announce that our new water heaters powered by photovoltaic (electricity collecting) panels are now sold out until the end of June. Our initial offering has been a great success with only one instance of troubleshooting among the 8 pioneer installs.

Best Solar Water Heater

sunworks solar water heatersAll installation of this new kind of solar water heater are now operating perfectly. They are fully installed and should now be saving their clients 20% off their monthly electric bills. We will report back to you in August once we have a full month of field data available.

GE Geospring Water Heaters

sunworks solar intellement solar water heater jacksonvilleSunworks Solar is now also installing GE Geospring Water Heaters that run off heat pump technology and use half the energy of a typical residential water heater. This makes their operating cost $195 per year, compared to a typical water heater cost of $520 per year. Contact Sunworks Solar for smart energy saving products that will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your home!

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