The power of Radiant Barrier and Solar Airconditioning

Solar Cool Air Conditioner Jacksonville FLIn summer our electric bills here in Florida begin to balloon out of control. When Sunworks performs energy analyses at people’s homes this time of year we often find their Air Conditioning running nearly constantly.

Sunworks Solar has three powerful products when it comes to lowering your air conditioning bill. Radiant barrier prevents heat entering your attic. A Solar Attic Fan vents heat that does manage to make its way through. Solar Cool Air Conditioning uses the heat that other ACs struggle against to power itself and produce a 32 SEER performance. This makes the Solar Cool Air Conditioner 100% more efficient than a standard 15 SEER model.

Radiant Barrier and Sunworks SolarSunworks typically installs radiant barrier and solar attic fans to produce a 25% savings on your electric bill. This savings is produced when you air ducts that travel through your attic no longer gain heat by traveling through the 100+ temperatures most of our attics reach. This last client’s attic now remains at an average of 85 degrees fahrenheit.

Best Radiant Barrier Installer in JacksonvilleThe Solar Cool Air Conditioning unit uses only 1.15 kilowatts per hour of use. It also qualifies for a 30% tax credit. With full financing available you don’t even have to worry about the cost of an install. All you need to compare is 50% savings on your electric bill versus our financing. I hope you get a quote before you have to suffer through




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2 Responses to The power of Radiant Barrier and Solar Airconditioning

  1. Kevin says:

    Over in the UK air conditioning isn’t a major problem for us! However the problem of heat entering the attic space definitely is. Anything that is going to save money is a no brainer when it comes to insulation, heating / conditioning etc. I’d urge anyone to work out their cost savings on something like this – most people are really surprized at the results!

  2. Didn’t knew anything about solar airconditioning. Thanks for this article!

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