Solar Savings Testimonials!

Do you know what the best thing about being half way through my second year with Sunworks Solar is? We get to see the impact we’ve had on our clients electric bills! For this blog installment I’m including photos of our real-life installs, along with electric bill data as to what our customers are saving.

Sunpower array at world golf village st. johns

4.95 Kilowatt Array at World Golf Village

This client has almost totally eliminated their electric bill with this solar panel install. See the impact below. The client’s average electric savings have so far been a 70% reduction over their historical use.

Impact of solar power on a client's electric billSome of our clients have chosen to do more than just offset their electric bill. They’ve turned their homes into full fledged power plants. Like this client with Beaches Energy.

10 Kilowatt Solar array on Jacksonville BeachSitting on his roof is a 10 kilowatt solar array, more than the electricity this home on Jacksonville beach uses every month. Since all utility companies are now set up with net metering policies Beaches buys back the excess energy this home produces and pays them for the difference. Here is their history of electric bills…

sell electricity back to electric company with solar power

Pretty nice to have a bill 4 months of the year. If you haven’t gotten an energy analysis from Sunworks Solar yet we can offer you solar home improvements that can totally eliminate your electric bill for less than your current monthly payment to the electric company. It just makes sense to go green.

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