Free Pool Heat – All Year Long

Best Solar Pool Heater Company Jacksonville FloridaHere’s another beautiful solar pool heater installed by Sunworks Solar. In our summer months here in Jacksonville these home owners have no problem reaching 90 + degrees. Now that’s a cozy temperature for those of you who like it hot.

Best Solar Water Heataer Installer Jacksonville FLThis client already has Solar Panels for his Solar Water Heater. If you can generate heat for free why not generate heat all the time? With a solar pool heater you avoid the expense of a heat pump and get better performance. Our solar pool heaters are made by a brand called Swim Master Plus that is far superior to our competition. I’ll include some photos to us vs. the competition below.

This is Swim Master Plus

Swim Master Plus Solar Pool Heating header cross sectionEverything on our solar pool heaters is automated, so you set your target temperature and never touch it again. That’s why solar pool heating is still the most popular solar install in northeast Florida.

This is the Competition (Fafco)

fafco solar poole heater header



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