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Where does our Energy Come From?

Here are some powerful image showing exactly where our coal fired power plants get their electricity from. Have you handled a piece of charcoal recently? It makes a big black mess. Try to wrap your mind around millions of tons … Continue reading

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Sunworks Photovoltaic Water Heaters

We are pleased to announce that our new water heaters powered by photovoltaic (electricity collecting) panels are now sold out until the end of June. Our initial offering has been a great success with only one instance of troubleshooting among … Continue reading

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The power of Radiant Barrier and Solar Airconditioning

In summer our electric bills here in Florida begin to balloon out of control. When Sunworks performs energy analyses at people’s homes this time of year we often find their Air Conditioning running nearly constantly. Sunworks Solar has three powerful … Continue reading

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Solar Savings Testimonials!

Do you know what the best thing about being half way through my second year with Sunworks Solar is? We get to see the impact we’ve had on our clients electric bills! For this blog installment I’m including photos of … Continue reading

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Free Pool Heat – All Year Long

Here’s another beautiful solar pool heater installed by Sunworks Solar. In our summer months here in Jacksonville these home owners have no problem reaching 90 + degrees. Now that’s a cozy temperature for those of you who like it hot. … Continue reading

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