11 Kilowatt Solar Array – Green Cove Springs

11 kilowatt solar ground mount by Sunworks Jacksonville FloridaSo much power! Sunworks Solar’s latest ground mounted photovoltaic array produces energy equivalent to a 14.75 Horse Power Engine every hour it’s exposed to sunlight. That’s amazing how much energy we can collect directly out of sunlight.

In summertime the raw power of the sun is starring us in the face every day. We see it in a sunburn. We feel our air conditioners fighting against it in our cars and in our homes.

solar panels sell energy back to the gridWe also see the impact high energy use has on our electric bills. Why not make our homes self powering? Why not take our energy directly from sunlight and say good-bye to our electric bills for good? That is exactly the question this client asked. Now they will save at least $22,965.80 in the next 10 years.

inverter for solar array feeds electricity to Jacksonville electric utilityThat’s a strong selling point to the future home owners. If the next residents stay another 5 years they will save $11,483. Compared to owning a home without solar.

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