New Photovoltaic Powered Solar Water Heater

new solar water heater technologySunworks Solar has just installed our first photovoltaic powered solar water heater. This was the project we crowd funded at One Spark 2014. Unlike traditional thermal solar water heaters that collect heat directly from the sun through copper plating, our new invention generates heat through direct current fed by our solar electric panels directly into the hot water tank’s heating element.

solar water heater photovoltaic powered and solar attic fan

Advantages to Our New Solar Technology

The advantage to a solar water heater powered by photovoltaic panels which generate electricity from sunlight is that you can still get free hot water from the sun even on rainy and cold winter days. Also, because this systems is not grid-tied to the electric company you will still get hot water even when the grid goes down in the event of a hurricane.

energy labs intellimentThis system will save you approximately 20% of your electric bill, or about $650 per year. It also qualifies for a 30% tax credit that is only available until 2016. Also our new system eliminates a heat exchanger, larger tank and mechanical circulating pumps as well as removing piping from the attic. There’s never been a better time to get the next generation of solar hot water.photovoltaic powered solar water heater tank setup

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