Solar Powered Golf Carts

solar panel on golf cartLook what we’re  building at Sunworks Solar. In partnership with D&G Custom Golf Carts of Jacksonville Sunworks Solar has been given the pilot project of providing solar to this golf cart that will be used at the Mayo Clinic.

solar powered golf cartThe panel on this cart is a 240 watt module charging a 36 volt battery bank. We won’t know just how well this custom install will work until we have a chance to test it, but we anticipate that as long as this cart is left out in the sun the owners at Mayo may never have to plug it in again.

electric golf cart battery bankObviously this project has huge implications with the avid golf community in Jacksonville. If you would like pricing on a solar powered golf cart modification we hope you’ll reach out to us. Based on our experience with this initial project we feel confident offering these modifications at $750 – $1,000. Hopefully we’ll be doing many more of these in the future!

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One Response to Solar Powered Golf Carts

  1. William Jacobs says:

    I have a 2012 48 volt club car ds and am very interested in solar recharging it.

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