May 2014 Solar Activity

heat your pool for free with solarSunworks Solar’s latest solar pool install is this second story 4 panel install. Whether your roof is one or two stories Sunworks Solar techs have the expertise to create a quality solar install. This installation is a great example of why it makes sense, even if you have shading issues or think your roof is no good for solar, to have a site inspection. Let the experts and Sunworks give you the information on how much you can really save with solar installations.

get free electricity in JacksonvilleSolar pool heating may be Sunworks’ bread-and-butter, but check out these photovoltaic solar panel installations we’ve also completed in the Jacksonville area. The potential for electric bill savings coming from a solar array is truly amazing.

lower your electic bill with solar panelsThe home above has a 7 kilowatt solar panel photovoltaic array installed as well as solar water heating panels and solar attic fans to cool the client’s attic. This array saves the client an average of $1,921.44 per year. Get the numbers on what it takes to get your solar installation, especially before you secure a mortgage on your new home. It will always be less expensive to pay a mortgage than to pay the monthly expense of a mortgage plus an electric bill.

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