May – ‘Tis the Season for Solar Pool Heating

pool heating JacksonvilleSunworks Solar wanted to share our latest solar pool heating install to show you the difference between us and the competition. This install was a special situation. Sunworks was called out to replace a shoddy install performed by the competitor. This is a great case study showing what our work looks like compared to theirs.

Sunworks Solar Pool Heaters

Sunworks Solar Pool Heater Installation

The Competition’s Solar Pool Heaters

solar pool heater ponte vedraBoth systems will heat your pool, but Sunworks gives you a quality install with a 12-year product warranty and a 3-year installation warranty that includes parts and labor as well as roof protection. As for for performance you heat your pool an average of 10 degrees above its normal temperature. As you can see below this client’s pool has already heated to 85! They could probably go hotter with our pool heaters with the beautiful weather we’ve been having, but his automated temperature control shuts his pool heaters off once he’s reached his desired temperature. solar pool heating temperature readings May is the perfect time for solar pool heaters. The weather is great and the pools are cold. To get a free quote from Sunworks Solar you can call us at 904-731-2099 or through our website.

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