Custom Solar Pool Heating for Tile Roofs

Solar Pool Heaters Sunworks SolarSunworks Solar is now the exclusive installer of Powerstrip solar pool heating in Florida. While we don’t recommend installing these pool heating solar systems in comparison to our typical Swim Master Plus solar pool heating brand, Powerstrip offers a unique, custom sized system that is aesthetically pleasing on tile roofs.

solar pool heaters for barrel tile roofSystem advantages: Powerstrip is custom fit to your roof space to maximize your heat collection potential. It has no roof penetrations. Instead Powerstrip affixes to your barrel tile using a glue that is wind rated to 130 MPH. This glue is also used to custom assemble the Powerstrip array on your roof.

custom solar pool heatersOptions for Solar Pool Heating on Barrel Tile

System disadvantages: Because Powerstrip is custom assembled on your roof Sunworks can only offer our clients the manufacturer warranty on these systems. Typically Sunworks offers a 12-year parts and labor warranty through Swim Master Plus, as well as Sunworks 3-year personal parts and labor install warranty that includes roof coverage.

Sunworks Solar Pool Heating Recommendation

In our opinion, while the Powerstrip looks amazing, the system is begging to leak. Also Sunworks completed this installation to the tune of 120 man hours because each connection had to be custom cut and hand assembled. The amount of labor involved has taught us that we can only begin offering these systems at the base price of $16,000. Our typical Swim Master Plus solar pool heating installs typically range between $3,000 and $4,000. We can also install Swim Master Plus on barrel tile roofs with tile hooks that will not affect your tiles.

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One Response to Custom Solar Pool Heating for Tile Roofs

  1. This was the first and only Powerstrip system installed by Sunworks. It was loaded with over 30 psi pressure and spliced in numerous places using the wrong splice material. The manufacturer got involved after the fact and worked with the pool builder to set solar up somewhat stress free and we remade the splices and the system has been trouble free since. No solar heater will withstand 30 psi long term. With some experience these systems can be installed at the same price as rigid typical 4×12 styles but it does take some experience. You need a few under your belt before the price comes down and gets competitive.

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