Solar Electric Panels – St. Augustine

sunpower signature black x21 installed by Sunworks Solar St. Augustine FLSunworks Solar is very proud of this Sunpower solar photovoltaic panel install right down the road from the St. Augustine marina. This was our flagship install of 2013, designed specifically to compliment our client’s gorgeous new pool.

For this install our client built from the ground up with solar in mind. The placement of solar over their kitchenette and pool shed was something considered in the original plans. This project is an excellent example of just how seamless solar can be integrated into new construction when builders begin with solar electricity in mind.

sunpower signature black x21 installed by Sunworks Solar Jacksonville FLThe structures designed to incorporate the solar photovoltaic panels that generate electricity, were specifically designed to conceal the panels while maximizing the energy generating potential of the investment. Notice that this pool shed was built with a parapet to hide the panels, but the shed placement faces the panels south where they will collect the maximum amount of energy.

Each of these Sunpower Signature Black panels collects 335 watts per hour. Sunworks Solar installed a total of 36 panels for this project. The two arrays will produce 12,060 watts per hour saving our client an estimated $2,518 per year.

Sunworks Solar Jacksonville FL


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