Solar Pool Heater – Near Julington Creek

swim master plus solar pool heat sunworks solarOur solar pool heaters look so gorgeous in this beautiful weather we’re having. This six panel solar pool heating array was installed in just one day of labor. This client opted to include a pool chemical called “cover free” that will increase the surface tension of his pool and help him retain heat.

cover free liquid solar blanket sunworks solarIn the first day of solar pool heating this client’s pool temperature jumped from 68 degrees fahrenheit to 73 degrees. This is the typical five degree rise you can expect per day with a solar pool heating system. Client’s will get about a 10 degree cumulative rise in pool temperature over two days before heat begins evaporating faster than our solar pool heaters can add it.

damagd solar pool heaters

Sunworks Solar is the leader in Solar Pool Heat

Recently Sunworks Solar was called out to replace the shoddy install you see above. Take a look at the quality of our install below compared to the competitors. The bottom line is that we do quality installs with quality product. You can count on Sunworks for a clean looking installation that will provide you all of the solar performance you can capture.

Sunworks Solar and solar pool heating.

Whether you’re considering solar pool heating, solar water heating, solar photovoltaic panels for electricity or solar air conditioning, we hope you’ll contract Sunworks Solar as your installer. Please visit us at the Jacksonville Landing this Thursday through Sunday during One Spark, from 11am – 10pm. We are creator number 20127: New Solar Water Heater Prototype! We’d appreciate your vote, please come see the innovation we’re bringing to the solar industry.

sunworks solar best solar water heater installer

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