Megawatt in Georgia – Sunworks Solar

WP_20140325_16_48_56_ProSunworks Solar has just provided the labor to wire inverters for this megawatt of solar energy in Lavonia Georgia. This massive solar array is part of the Georgia Power Advanced Solar initiative and will be part of four more large-scale installations Sunworks Solar will be part of this year.

As part of this initiative by Georgia Power more than 210 Megawatts of solar capacity will be installed by the end of 2014. That’s enough energy to power approximately 16,000 homes.

Solar as Cheap as $240 per Panel

solar panels and free energy

Whether your solar investment is a $240 purchase to charge your RV battery, a $4,000 purchase to heat your pool, a $6,000 purchase to heat your showers or a $35,000 investment to make your home become its own electricity provider for the next 30 years, every little solar install adds up, until America finds itself truly energy independent.

Why pay the Electric Co. More? Solar Costs Less

solar ground mount sunworks solar

Electricity is something that we all need and something that we all pay about $2,000 per year to use. If you are staying in your home for the next 3 years that means you will pay about $6,000 to the electric company. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on a solar hot water heater to save you about $8,200 and increase your property value?

business saves with sunworks solar panels

If you plan on staying in your home at least 10 years you will pay your utility company about $25,000. Doesn’t it make sense to save that $25,000 in that time period with a whole-house solar investment instead? We all want homes that can power themselves. Now we can have them, without upfront cost when financing is secured. Talk to a solar specialist today. Do it for yourself. Do it for the future.

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