Solar Panels for Electricity – Ponte Vedra

solar panels for electricity and homes in ponte vedra floridaWhen installing on a high seamed metal roof no roof penetrating connections are necessary for Sunworks Solar to provide you with the wind ratings your solar array will need. Even on Roscoe Blvd. in Ponte Vedra, so close to the beach, this solar electric array has been clipped into the seams of the detached garage roof.


The solar energy collected by the photovoltaic solar panels on this south-facing roof feed electricity into the home first before passing it on to Beaches Energy Electric Company through a net meter. Because of online energy monitoring Sunworks Solar is able to record just how much energy this system is producing. Since it was installed on July 30, 2013, this 6 kilowatt Solar Array has produced 4.99 Megawatt Hours. An equivalent electric bill savings of $634.73 in 7.5 months.


According to the Enphase Micro-Inverter website that records this solar array’s energy production 4.99 MWHs is enough energy to power 165 homes for one day. The green energy this house has produced has so far offset the release of 3.45 tons of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent of planting 88 trees.

30% Tax Credit for Renewable Energy in Jacksonville until 2016

Not only did this client benefit from a 30% tax credit off the installation price of their system, but they also installed a solar water heater. This unit saves them an additional 20% of their electric bill. The average monthly savings at this residence due to Sunworks Solar products is approximately $120.

solar panel on metal roof sunworks solar jacksonville fl

If you are considering, building, buying or refinancing your home, please consider the addition of solar. When Sunworks Solar products are incorporated into your home’s financing you will benefit from a 30% tax credit and utility rebates, you will pay no money for your system upfront and you will pay $60-$200 less per month in electricity savings depending on your situation. We all want building’s that power themselves, now we can have them without the burden of upfront cost. Please contact Sunworks Solar and speak to your builder about how much incorporating solar products into your home will save you.

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