First Solar Install in Del Webb! – Sunworks Solar

IMG_4820Boom baby! Sunworks Solar is now the first solar contractor to have ever installed any solar products on a home in the Del Webb community of Nocatee. This particular customer got a solar water heater as well as a solar pool heater. Now they not only save 25% off their electric bill with the solar water heater but they also generate free heat for their pool, raising it to an average yearly temperature of 80 degrees!

nocatee del webb and solar

Sunworks Solar in Nocatee

Beautiful marshland no? Yes this install is on the back of this client’s house. It is not visible from the street. However the positioning of the system is south and west facing, giving all of the solar panels we installed optimal pool heating and nocatee

Automatic Heating Control

Check out the thermostat sensor! This tells the solar pool heating system it’s sunny outside so it will only turn on, on days (Like this one) when its going to generate heat. Sunworks Solar installed roof flashings with our roof connections to give our client full protection against roof leaks. This comes standard with all Sunworks Solar installations.

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2 Responses to First Solar Install in Del Webb! – Sunworks Solar

  1. Joan Sweeney says:

    We would love to speak to the person at Del Webb who got the solar panels. We recently moved there and would be interested in finding out more

    • willrichjou says:

      Hello Joan,

      I received your message and I will happy to quote you on a solar array and how owning one will benefit you. Also I can put you in touch with our recent clients in Del Webb. Can you please call me at 904 704 1578 to set an appointment?

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