Solar Pool Heaters and Tile Roofs


Here’s an example of how Sunworks Solar attaches solar pool heaters to tile roofs. Tile hooks allow the panels to be wind-rated at 120 miles per hour. These panels sit on top of the tile, without damaging the tile. This way you can still get free solar pool heat without sacrificing your beautiful tile. Don’t worry about HOAs either, they are friendly to solar. Mostly because Florida statute 163 prevents them from denying solar installs.


Sunworks was a little limited by space on this particular roof layout, hence we had to pipe panels to the two other roof planes. We were able to fit the recommended number of panels onto the roof to heat this client’s pool to and 80 degree average for most of the year, giving him a 10 degree rise over his existing pool temperature, using their current pool pump.


The majority of this client’s panels sit on their south roof plane, which happens to be the side of their house. You can’t see the solar panels from the street. The doors that open onto a walkway leading to the pool patio are directly below the solar system. So when the home owners exit to go to the pool they round the corner to swim without ever seeing the panels.

With our quality site inspections Sunworks Solar designs solar arrays for you that will be aesthetically pleasing, or aesthetically neutral, while giving our clients full solar performance. Whether you are installing solar pool heaters, solar water heaters, solar air conditioners or solar panels for electricity Sunworks will perform a quality installation for lowest possible cost.


We’re especially proud of a new efficiency package we’re now offering with solar water heaters and added insulation. After incentives like the 30% tax credit on renewable energy installs that is still good until 2016 a typical home owner should be able to eliminate 50% of their electric bill for an investment less than $9,500!

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