We Love Solar Pool Heaters – Eagle Harbor

best solar pool heater and eagler harbor florida orange parkWow we seem to be doing a lot of work in the Fleming Island area lately. Sunworks Solar has put in a solar water heating system and this pool heating system in the same neighborhood and we have just bid a new solar pool heating system on the same street as this featured customer.

IMG_4747This customer had just had his pool remarcited before we installed the system. We recommend isolating the solar for the first week after remarciting to prevent the particulate from getting into the panels.

Once the customer was able to use his solar pool heater he was jumping in by last October. Speaking with him yesterday he even said that he was able to jump in, in Thanksgiving, even though it was a little under our 80 degree heating average at the time.

best solar pool heater jacksonvilleYesterday the pool thermometer was reading 78 fahrenheit! The customer I had just quoted down the street had a pool reading of 68 fahrenheit. That’s the 10 degree difference you can count on with Solar Pool Heaters.

To keep this client’s walkway open we also buried his pipe connection to his pool equipment by trenching. This is a great example of a Sunworks Solar pool heating install, common sense installation, professional work and clean lines.

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