We Love Solar Pool Heaters – Green Cove Springs

best solar pool heaters swim master plusAnother pool is heating up in Green Cove Springs, using only the power of the sun and our latest solar pool heater install. This is what a typical solar pool heating system installed by Sunworks Solar looks like. Clean, lines, minimal pipe runs and professional connection with our client’s existing pool system.

Solar Pool Heaters Work Better Than Heat Pumps

heat pump and cheaper alternativeConsider the products you have to choose from when you want to heat your pool. You have to decide between a heat pump or a solar pool heater. Let’s say you decide to go with a heat pump. You’ll pay somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000 for the installation. Then you will have to pay approximately $40 per month in gas or electricity to run your heat pump. Your heat pump will probably last about 5 years and then it will break and need to be repaired or replaced.

solar pool heater jacksonvilleOn the other hand if you go with a solar pool heater you will pay about the same as a heat pump for your initial installation. You will then generate free solar heat whenever your pool pump cycles your system. This is an equivalent savings about $500 compared to a heat pump running the same amount of time. Your panels will come with a 12-year parts and labor warranty from our manufacturer Swim Master Plus.

Solar Pool Heaters are the Best Way to Heat Your Pool

heat my pool jacksonvilleWhy would you choose an inferior product that costs you more to own on a month to month basis. Solar pool heating is the smart way to heat your pool. That’s why we love solar pool heaters.

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