Pool Heater Install – Baymeadows

best solar pool heater installer in JacksonvilleNew solar pool heater install just in time for round two of our never ending Florida winter! We’ve set the digital thermostat to 80 – bring on the heat we’ll take what we can get. Our latest customer won’t be seeing the 10 degree average rise we expect out of pool heaters on this upcoming rainy Wednesday, but with highs climbing back to 70 by Sunday her pool will warm up nicely for the weekend.

Best Solar Pool Heater

The best part about this install is that we are gathering all of that pool heat directly from the sun, avoiding the additional expense of gas or electricity associated with a heat pump.cheapest solar pool heater Jacksonville

For this install we needed to completely re-plum the pipe layout of our client’s existing pool pump. There just wasn’t a way to add the solar without a significant overhaul. Getting the water features and skimmer to coordinate with our solar addition wasn’t easy but in the end everything worked out fine while still keeping our client’s existing pool pump.

Best Jacksonville Solar Installer

Sunworks Solar handled all permitting and HOA approval, as we do standard with every solar install we undertake. We also included roof flashings to give our customer piece of mind against the possibility of roof leaks.

best solar installer in Jacksonville

While our competitor suggested giving our client’s a limited number of panels on their second story, Sunworks was able to design a system with our calculator’s recommended number of panels at competitive cost, with the addition of Swim Master Plus’ 12-year warranty. We’re very proud of this install. Our expertise and product really out-shown the competition on this install.

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