Photovoltaic Array – Magnolia Point in Green Cove Springs

MAGE solar panels Magnolia Point Green Cove Springs Florida

Solar Panels in Green Cove Springs

We are busy as ever at Sunworks Solar, with solar pool heating, solar water heaters and of course photovoltaic arrays like this one going in all over Jacksonville. Our existing customers are now benefiting from their 2013 30% tax credit they receive for installing solar.

If you are a customer of ours from last year please see the link to the 30% Tax Credit Form you’ll need to claim your incentive. Most of our customers will claim a tax credit of more than $9,000 this year.

MAGE 250 Watt Solar Panels Green Cove Springs FL

30% Solar Tax Credit Expires 2016

Our latest customer installed his 5 kilowatt array after buying a Chevy Volt. He knew that without solar power on his home his electric vehicle would still be powered by the fossil fuel (coal) Green Cove Springs Electric was using to power his home.

chevy volt sunworks solar

For this installation Sunworks Solar was able to create a tilt mount on his north roof, where his solar panels could get great performance without being seen. But our client didn’t want to stop there. Using the design input afforded to every Sunworks client our customer created the design layout below on the front of his home. Our client was well aware that maximizing his southern facade with photovoltaics would give him the best electric generation.

Magnolia Point solar panels

HOA’s Cannot Deny Solar

Even though this client lives in Magnolia Point he was able to install this solar array because of the Florida Solar Rights Act, which prevents Home Owners Associations from denying clients their right to renewable energy.

Over the 30-year power output warranty of these MAGE 250 Watt Solar Panels this home owner is estimated to save at least $58,795. His warranty will also be transferable to the new owners when they move in.

Sunworks Solar is starting off 2014 seeing more business than ever before. We have found success selling individual 240 watt ASP panels out of our warehouse for $284. You can now find these ads on craigslist. With increased advertising in the Times Union we have already seen a 50% increase in solar pool installs over our 2013 monthly average for January. Finally Sunworks has identified a new and exciting route for solar photovoltaic panels to save clients money. If you are building a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage see us for a quote on rolling solar panels into your home financing. Including solar in your home will usually be $100 cheaper per month than buying a traditional home with an electric bill and a mortgage.

You can find out more details about our products on this prezi link. It looks like 2014 will be an exciting new year for the solar industry in Jacksonville!

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