Ponte Vedra Blvd – 13 Kilowatt Solar Array

MAGE Solar Panels Ponte Vedra Florida A1ASunworks Solar completed this impressive array in September of 2013. Since then the system has produced 6,600,000 watts of electricity in the last 4.5 months. Had the customer relied on their utility for this energy they would have already spent $839.52.

If you are driving north on A1A this system can be seen on your left before you reach Mickler Rd in Ponte Vedra. This system has already avoided releasing 550 tons of CO2. The equivalent of planting 119 trees in four months.

Save Money with Solar Panels

Sunworks is able to keep track of this systems’ performance data through the internet monitoring capability that comes standard with every Sunworks installation. With this data we are able to accurately predict just how much owners can expect to save by going green.

rail for solar panels and roof flashings

Sunworks Solar encourages new home owners to receive quotes for solar before they look into securing their mortgage. When a solar addition is financed along with a new home, buyers can usually pay $100 less per month than they pay for the same home without a solar installation. Paying for the mortgage and an electric bill is simply a more expensive option.

US Green Building Council Presentation

To learn more about going solar check out the presentation Sunworks will be giving to the US Green Building Council in February HERE!

Sunworks Solar Jacksonville Florida

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