Solar Water Heater – St. Augustine

Solar Water Heater and Attic Fans

Sunworks has installed its first Solar Water Heater system as a referral through Business Networking International (BNI) Thanks for helping us reach clients in St. Augustine BNI Money Makers!

Solar Water Heater installer st. augustine

Solar in St. Johns County

This client’s system consists of two solar attic fans and a 120 Gallon stainless steel solar water heater tank. This tank generates heat for all of the home’s hot water needs with its two 4’x8′ collectors on the south facing roof of the home.

Typically a single 4’x10′ solar water heater and an 80 gallon tank is adequate to supply a family of three with hot water. When the family has four in the home and upgrade to the 120 gallon tank with the two 4’x8′ collectors is recommended.

This client received both a 30% tax credit and a $1,000 Rebate from Florida Power and Light to reduce the cost of his system. The combination of the attic fans and solar water heater will save him an estimated 30% on his monthly electric bill.

stainless steel solar water heater tank st. augustine

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