5 Kilowatt MAGE Solar Array – Jacksonville Southside

20 MAGE 250 Watt Panels and Solar Attic Fans

Solar panels installer quote Jacksonville FL

What Does Photovoltaic Mean?

Skirting the shade on this client’s roof is a 5 kilowatt (5,000 watt) photovoltaic solar array. Unlike the Sunpower panels you’ve seen Sunworks install in earlier posts MAGE Solar panels are more of our bread-and-butter install.

MAGE Solar Array and Solar Attic Fans Southside Jacksonville

Photovoltaic or PV panels refer to solar panels that generate electricity from sunlight. See the routes of the word “photovoltaic” now?

MAGE Solar and Micro-Inverters

MAGE Solar is a German company with a manufacturing plant in Dublin Georgia. They provide a 30-year power output warranty with their panels. While MAGE 250 watt solar panels are less powerful than Sunpower panels, their lower wattage helps them pair easily with micro-inverters. Micro-inverters are individualized boxes that convert direct sunlight current to alternating current used in the home, at the site of each panel.

An advantage to micro-inverters, especially at a site like this with the potential for shade, is that only the panels that could be shaded at different times of the day will be affected if a shadow falls across them. With a central inverter system the entire array can be affected by partial shading.

With micro-inverters this customer will have the ability to monitor the power output of their individual panels. You can view an example of the readout portal here.

Solar Attic Fans in Jacksonville

solar attic fan Jacksonville florida

Two 10 watt attic fans capable of expelling 850 cubic feet of hot air from the attic per minute were also installed. These attic fans will save the client an additional 5% off their monthly bill.

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