Sunpower Array – Callahan Florida

Sunpower 327 Modules with Solar Water Heater

Our latest solar array has just been installed at this house in Callahan Florida. This install is typical for most Sunworks Solar installations designed to get houses to net zero electric bills.

Sunpower Solar Panels Callahan FloridaThe Sunpower panels face South from the back of the house where they capture the full arc of the sun throughout the day and generate optimal power performance. An additional 25% of our client’s electric bill is eliminated through the use of their solar water heater on the west face of the house over the garage.

Solar Water Heater manufactured in Green Cove Springs Florida

How to get the most power out of your solar array

While south is always the optimal direction for solar panels to face, the hot afternoon sun captured by panels on a west facing roof works great for solar water heaters and solar pool heaters. At this home the clients are estimated to save $92 per month with their solar installation.

80 gallon solar water heater tank

Solar Water Heaters made in Green Cove Springs

Above is a shot of our solar water heater tank with its heat exchanger perched on top. You can see the recirculating pump the system uses to drive water the to roof. The tank comes with an electric back up but as you can see our clients were using an instant hot water heater before they opted to go solar. We arranged for the solar water heater to feed the thermostatically controlled tankless heater, so that it would only engage as a backup heat source.

Solar power installers for Jacksonville FLSunworks upgrades your existing water heater tank to an 80 gallon in most cases when you opt to install a solar water heater. This provides you with additional reserves for your night-time hot water use. With the upgraded tank you will lose about 1 degree per hour through the night until your tank is replenished the following morning.

Installing both a solar water heater and solar panels that are grid-tied and use no battery backup is typically the least expensive way to eliminate your electric bill. With our financing systems can be paid off in as little as 5 years. Why keep paying an electric bill for the rest of your life when you can generate your own power, increase your property value and do the right thing for our planet?

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