New Photos – Latest Sunpower Array

Something was just lacking in the last round of photos we posted for our new Sunpower array at World Golf village. Check out these new photos from the rooftop of our 18 panel Sunpower array.

Sunpower array at world golf village st. johnsAt least the fact that you can only appreciate the majesty of this beautiful system from roof level means that the system is well concealed on the back of the home. Aesthetics never enter into the equation if you can’t tell your home has a solar installation. The only difference you notice after completion is the elimination of your electric bill!

affordable solar power jacksonvillePutting solar on the back of the house may not be great advertising for us, but hey that’s what blogs are for right? Take a look at where the railing meets the roof face in the photo above. You’ll just be able to make out the metallic roof flashings we install standard with every installation to guarantee you’ll have no problem with roof leaks. That’s security you don’t get with any of our competitors.

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