Solar Pool Heating – Roscoe Blvd Ponte Vedra FL

Ponte Vedra and solar pool heaterWe’ve just completed installation of a seven panel solar pool heating install on Roscoe Blvd for this dream home. The array consists of seven 4’x12′ Swim Master Plus panels installed with our standard roof flashings and a Suntouch controller to coordinate functions of the saltwater pool’s chlorine generator with our automated solar controls.

A challenge of this install was that the pool equipment was on the North side of the roof; the complete opposite end of the house that our panels must be installed on. To bridge the connection our client opted to bury his pipe run.

low cost solarSunworks installers dug trenching and buried pipe before the pool deck was constructed. On this install we had the luxury of installing our system in tandem with our client’s custom home builder, Coastal Oaks Construction. Total installation time: two days.

It really looks like saltwater pools are becoming a standard around Jacksonville. The last three pool jobs we’ve installed have been saltwater pools.

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