Sun Electronics

Day two in Miami, and I’ve arrived for my internship at Sun Electronics. The building is right beside the Venetian Causeway, across from the Miami Herald’s main offices. I arrived a little early and had a chance to walk the causeway for some morning photos.

The company Sun Electronics has a headquarters beside the Miami Herald

Miami could suffer the same fate as New York if Climate Change Goes Unchecked

Looks like a bad place for a storm surge doesn’t it? As the ice caps continue to recede year after year, as they have for the past three decades, rising sea levels are becoming a serious threat to South Beach. This coastal city has a lot at stake on U.S. citizens recognizing the danger of our addiction to fossil fuels. The problem can be solved by choosing alternative energy sources. That’s what I’ve come to Miami to be a part of.

The offices of Sun Electronics

A tour of Sun Electronics International Inc.

Sun Electronics’ CEO John Kimball showed me inside the offices. While the headquarters are located by the Venetian Causeway, much of the company’s activity has now moved to a warehouse where its solar panel inventory is kept.

The building used to be a doctor’s office, but the interior is now festooned with cables, scraps of solar hardware and of course panels. Just off the lobby, the “break room” has become a showroom, used to demonstrate the potential electrical applications of Sun Electronics products.

Sun Electronics and cheapest solar panels

Sun Electronics offers the cheapest Solar Panels in the industry

From air conditioning to your stereo to your refrigerator – no matter what your household’s energy needs are, Sun Electronics can provide you with a solar array that can get you off the grid or pay for itself in as little as five years.

Sun Electronics offers incredibly low prices on their solar panels, some for as little as 89 cents per watt, by competitively shopping and lowering their profit margin. The owner, John Kimball, is not looking to get rich out of his endeavor. He simply wants to provide solar to people at a price that makes it affordable for everyone.

If you consider the average U.S. house uses 8,900 kilowatt hours per year, Sun Electronics can get you off the grid for at least 25 years with its panels, for a total cost of about $10,000. This doesn’t include the tax incentives and utility kick-backs you get from converting your home to solar electricity. I know enough from my time in the car industry to tell you, you can finance the cost for a payment of about $260 a month with no money down.

Of course, Sun Electronics powers its entire building with solar energy.

solar powered building

On the Eve of November 6th – What will a Romney Presidency Mean for the Solar Industry?

I moved to Miami to be a part of this industry because I believe in its mission. What nobler thing can I do, but dedicate my life to solving the damage more than 200 years of burning fossil fuels has done to the planet? I am intensely interested in preserving the earth for our children.

The city of Miami, while it sits in increasing danger of the rising waters of climate change, is also home to a company that can offer a solution. By harnessing the sun, this city may be saved.

At the same time, our mission is made more difficult, by tariffs on cheap Chinese imported solar panels, instituted by the Obama administration. If Romney is elected I can only imagine these sanctions will worsen and stifle the industry. Obama may be more of a friend to solar than Romney, but either way the solar industry faces an uncertain future, as day breaks on November 6th, 2012.

Miami may be flooded and climate change

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